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Charity Box

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Alms and the Man

Listed below are some of the charitable organisations the Lodge collects funds (alms) to support. It is customary at the end of our Regular Lodge meetings, (usually during our meal known as the Festive Board), to ask the assembled Brethren to donate a sum of money to the "Charity Box" in order to support those less fortunate in life or who provide services and comfort whether it be material or spiritual, for such, without detriment, of course, to ourselves or our connections. 


Freemason's Grand Charity

Royal Masonic Benevolent Institute

Warwickshire Masonic Benevolent Fund

Royal Masonic Trust for Girls & Boys

Freemasonry Cares

Masonic Samaritan Fund

Acorns Children's Hospice

Compton Hospice Woverhampton

Birmingham St' Mary's Hospice

The West Midlands Air Ambulance

Birmingham Children's Hospital

St' Mary's Collegiate Church Warwick

Our Almoner

Our Charity Steward

See: Masonic Charitable Foundation which came into effect as from April 2016.

See also: or phone 0121 454 0554 to contact the Provincial Grand Charity Steward or Almoner.

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